The Texas Association of Air Medical Services (TAAMS), is the state chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS).  TAAMS was founded on the premise that representation from a variety of medical transport services, specialists, and business partners is the best forum in which to share information, collectively resolve problems and provide leadership and education to the air medical community.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund was developed to provide financial assistance for higher education to children who have lost a parent in an air medical or ground transport accident. Each year TAAMS will award up to $5,000 to a deserving student entering into a college, university, or vocational-technical school with the goal of awarding 5 scholarships annually for a total of $25,000.

Download the application and instructions


Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled or accepted into an accredited college, university, or vocational-technical school.
  • Be a legal U.S. resident.
  • Submit a complete application and all required documentation.
  • Be a dependent and/or an immediate relative of a medical transport crewmember based in Texas that lost their life due to an air medical or ground transport accident. This includes parents, step-parents, legal guardians, and grandparents.

Application Instructions

  • Type (preferred) or print and complete all requested information in full.
  • Prepare a 300-word essay on one of the following topics:
    1. Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.
    2. Describe your leadership achievements or significant service contributions to your school or community.
    3. Describe a significant event or person in your life that has influenced your future plans. Tell us what your plans are and how the significant event or person helped create those plans.
  • Have a teacher / professor, or guidance counselor complete the Educator’s Statement. Contact information must be completed to verify authenticity.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from someone other than an educator or family member (a mentor, manager at your employment or volunteer position, community leader, etc.). Recommendations must have contact information to verify authenticity.
  • Include your most recent grade transcript.
  • All signatures must be provided where indicated on the application.

Terms and Conditions

  • One $5,000 scholarship will be awarded per individual with a max of 5 total scholarships annually.
  • Applications will be evaluated on all of the information provided in this application.
  • All applications will be reviewed and chosen by a qualified selection committee.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on a one-time basis and will not be renewable.
  • The award will be paid directly to an institute of higher education upon proof of enrollment.
  • Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, or disability.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please refer to the form below to ensure that all components of the application have been fulfilled.
Please enter a valid email address.
Please upload your completed application
Please upload your transcript.
Please upload your 300-word essay.
Please upload your letter of recommendation.
By entering your signature below, you certify that the statements in this application are true to the best of your knowledge.
Enter your full name and date of application (e.g., Anne Smith, 1 June 2019)