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Texas Association of Air Medical Services
Air Medical Track
2021 Texas EMS Conference
Monday November 22, 2021

Mechanical Ventilation of Infants and Children in Transport
Presented by Bryan Winchell, RN, EMT-P, FP-C, CCRN, CFRN, C-NPT

Under Pressure:  Hemodynamics and Invasive Monitoring
Presented by Janet Taylor, CFRN, CEN, CCEMT-P

Beyond the Rule of Nines: Critical Care for Thermal lnjuries
Presented by Nancy Nagel, DHSc, RN ACNP-BS

Top 10 Critical Care Rants
Presented by Tony Garcia, MS, MSN, ACNP, FNP, ACCNS, CFRN. LP

Swelled up like a Toad in a Texas Rainstorm: Severe Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis
Presented by Nancy Nagel, DHSc, RN ACNP-BS


*Time and Order of Lectures TBD

** NOTE:  Air Medical Employees of TAAMS members may attend the Air Medical lectures for free following the process below:

When air medical crew members/attendees present to the conference, they must be in uniform and should go directly to the room that has been dedicated to the Air Medical Track lectures. Upon arrival there, David Ledbetter (room monitor) will give them a badge that will have “Air Medical Track” printed on it. The badge won’t have names or a scanning code, so it will be good only for the Air Medical Track. Access to the Air Medical Track does not include other Texas EMS Conference events, including the Exhibit Hall, other Conference classes, or Monday lunch.  If Air Medical Track attendees who are not registered for the conference would like to receive EMS CE as well as nursing CE, they MUST tell David Ledbetter. He will assist with signing up for both EMS and nursing CE. He will also provide a printout to track EMS CE, which should be presented to DSHS if requested. Texas EMS Conference will keep the EMS sign-in sheets on file for five years.

Important:  Signing in for EMS CE is required for the Air Medical Track only if you do not have a full-conference, scannable badge. Nursing CE is handled separately from EMS CE.